I have had only the best experience with working with Beth. She made my entire legal experience very bearable and so much easier than I expected. She had all of the answers that I needed and if she didn’t she found the answer and was able to get back to me right away.

There was never a doubt in my mind that there was another attorney who would do a better job. Beth has an awesome personality and does not beat around the bush when it comes to getting what she wants. She gives her clients as well as her opponents a very direct and concise answer whenever needed. I have referred Beth to many of my friends who have also engaged in her services.

–Lisa G.

I met Mrs. McGovern in 2010 through one of my friends because I had to take one of my family members to court. Mrs. McGovern got what I was asking for and then some! If you need a family attorney call her for anything.

–Hakeem M.

Attorney Beth McGovern came highly recommended to me amongst local community folks….who after hearing my complicated situation…and knowing my desire to find someone that would help me find an honest, ethical and “best for all involved” type of outcome, she was my gal. I am thrilled, ten plus years later, with all results netted from her diligent and sincere approach to my cases.

I am very very pleased…and have recommended her to two other people who too, have expressed their admiration of her work ethic and ability to resolve things well with all parties. She also appears to be highly respected in the court system. Even the opposing parties have mentioned to me that they appreciate how she handled my side of the case. Great work here…seriously.

–Sincerely, Jami A.

Attorney Beth McGovern is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to her field of expertise. Within the past two decades Mrs. McGovern, Esq. has struck an incredible balance between personable and assertive, efficient and empathetic, strong willed and perceptive.

Beth is extremely responsive, punctual and wonderful to work with. She’s straight forward and creates a clear understanding of your options, while keeping in mind your values and long-term goals. I would highly recommend Beth McGovern!

–Rachel L., MSW, LSW

I met Beth McGovern a few years ago and when I found out she was a Family Lawyer, I got her to join my Network group. Therefore I see her for breakfast every other week. She has helped me and advised me on many different occasions, and even met me to help me understand what my daughter was going through in Law School, who also wants to be a Family Lawyer. Beth has been a Family Lawyer for many years and is very passionate about her career and her Family Legal Practice. I guarantee if you meet her, you will hire her.

–Jerry G.

My divorce took one year and Beth made sure at the end I had the smile of victory. Simple enough, What more can you say…


Attorney Beth McGovern went above and beyond for a client that she worked with 10 years ago. I am a Mortgage Banker in Charleston, SC. I needed divorce documentation on the day after Christmas in order to make a purchase transaction close by 12/29/2014.   I was able to call and speak with Beth.  She went above and beyond to help her former client. She went to the office on her vacation in order to find the documentation and send it to me. This level of service is amazing!!

–David W.

In my profession I work with many attorneys on a daily basis. I asked a top regional real estate attorney for his suggestion for an attorney to assist me with family legal matters – he told me Beth McGovern is the best – and he was right. The Philadelphia family court “system” is a murky quagmire of dysfunction and apathy. Beth navigated these choppy waters professionally and respectfully – and helped me to reach a satisfying conclusion to an uncomfortable situation in a timely manner. She answered all of my questions and helped me to understand what I should expect from the process. I felt confident that my interests were being fully represented and respected – she’s the best!

–Rich F.

I wanted to thank you for representing me through my divorce. You’re on the ball and it’s been a rough road. Thanks again the road is getting smoother!

–Kevin S

I have known Beth McGovern for 10 years. She is one of the most ethical and competent attorneys I have ever met. She managed my very complicated custody issue with great professionalism, and the kind of skill and knowledge base that only comes from years of experience.

No one could have done a better job or received a better result. Beth is warm and empathetic, and helped me during some of my very worst times. She is very effective at leading negotiation and working towards a positive solution. She is equally adept at litigation and is simply outstanding in the courtroom. I highly recommend Beth for anyone seeking representation. I am grateful to her for all she has done for me and my family.

–Dr. Christine M.

Beth McGovern has been my lawyer for 15 years now, and has always gotten me results beyond what I requested. I have never been disappointed in the 4+ times I had to hire her. She is very knowledgeable in the field and is very in touch with many of the court staff. Very responsive and on top of her game at all times. I would recommend her to any mom out there needing a great lawyer.

–Sabrina D.

Beth McGovern is a highly skilled attorney that made me feel at ease from the minute we met. Beth definitely has a no nonsense approach with your best interest at heart. She will guide you and ensure that you are represented effectively and in a timely manner. She is well known in the courts and respected by her peers.

When I met Beth, she said, “I’ll fight for you, as hard as you let me.” Trust me she will put up a good fight.

Someone told me a while back that you get what you pay for, Beth is a top notch attorney. It was well worth the investment, wish I would have come to her first.

–Hernan A.