Family Law

Each case is unique. We provide a supportive environment and take the time to get to know our clients. We develop a strategy to address all concerns and to get the results they need to move forward from what is often a most difficult time in their lives.

  • Divorce: We handle all divorces whether mutual consent or contested, including matters involving marital misconduct such as infidelity, financial wrongdoing and abuse.
  • Annulment: In certain circumstances your marriage can be annulled. We will assess the facts of your case to see if this is available to you under the law.
  • Asset and debt division:
    • We negotiate, draft and review Post-Nuptial Agreements.
    • We handle high value and complex division of marital estates as well as smaller estates.
    • We are experienced in matters involving discovery of hidden assets, division of business interests, retirement funds, personal property, real estate, etc. We have a working knowledge of many areas of law for dealing with difficulties that arise including real estate, foreclosure, business and real estate appraisals, credit difficulties, tax issues, and bankruptcy. We provide services and resources to deal with these issues.
  • Post nuptial agreements/Separation agreements: With our experience in bringing hundreds of cases to court we can help you to reach a fair settlement and avoid the cost of going to court.
  • Equitable Distribution Hearings: If a settlement is not possible, we will fight to get you what you are entitled to.
  • Child custody: The battle for custody can often be a long and draining process. To ease the tension and ensure that your child’s best interests are always at the forefront, our attorney will provide sound guidance and reliable legal representation to you and your family.
  • Emergency custody: If there is danger to your child or the threat of flight from the jurisdiction, we can get you into court immediately.
  • Uncontested custody/agreements: We will use our expertise and experience to negotiate terms for custody and keep you out of court.
  • Custody modification and enforcement: If you are being denied contact with your children or if your current order no longer works, we can help.
  • Relocation of children: We will guide you through the very specific rules for relocating, or contesting the relocation of your children.
  • Grandparent rights: Grandparents have rights too. If you are being denied contact with your grandchildren call for a consultation.
  • Paternity: Paternity must be addressed as soon as possible. If you have any questions as to paternity you must find out now, before the law prevents you from doing so.
  • Child support: You are is entitled to support for your child if your child lives with you most of the time, or even if the other parent has custody up to 50% of the time. We can help to get your children what they deserve. Ask us about child care costs, medical costs, school tuition and summer camp costs.
  • Modification of support orders: Any change in circumstance, such as a new job, pay increase or decrease, changes in day care costs, medical costs, etc. may warrant an change to your support order.
  • Support  agreements: We have a working knowledge of how support is calculated in Pennsylvania. With this information and our guidance, we can help you reach an agreement to keep you out of court.
  • Spousal support/Alimony pendente lite: Spousal support/alimony pendente lite is available to a financially dependent or lower-earning spouse after a separation has occurred, but before a divorce is final.
  • Alimony: After a divorce, the lower earning spouse may be entitled to alimony for a period of time.
  • Adoption/step parent adoption: We help families through the necessary steps of private adoption, including adoption by a step parent.
  • Pre nuptial agreements: If you are contemplating marriage, you must protect your assets. A prenuptial agreement is a contract that sets the rules for how finances are handled during your marriage and in the event of divorce.
  • Domestic violence: Whether you are a victim or the accused, we will protect your rights.
  • Name change: There are many reasons why an adult or child wishes to legally change his or her name. For example major physical or sexual changes in individual’s lives, changing the spelling of name, a change in family dynamic, or changing a name to that of a partner where a marriage may or may not have occurred.  Once you name is changed the birth certificate is amended to reflect the new name. We can guide you through this process.
  • Dependency: We can assist with cases involving abused and neglected children.

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